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Featuring sleek kitchens with modern appliances, maple cabinets, and amazing floor-to-ceiling windows, we have a floorplan to suit every lifestyle.

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Custom lighting, new countertops and flooring, smart home technology, and stainless steel appliances are just a few of the premium upgrades you’ll love. These enhancements will enrich the amazing views and features of the Midtown Crossing neighborhood. We can’t wait for you to see all that we have planned! 

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor Plan1 Bed A Bed/Bath1 / 1 590 -to 603Square feet Monthly Rent$955 -to $1,160 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed B Bed/Bath1 / 1 608Square feet Monthly Rent$905 -to $1,030 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed C Bed/Bath1 / 1 647 -to 653Square feet Monthly Rent$970 -to $1,135 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed D Bed/Bath1 / 1 648 -to 665Square feet Monthly Rent$980 -to $1,225 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed E Bed/Bath1 / 1 670 -to 678Square feet Monthly Rent$1,000 -to $1,320 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed F Bed/Bath1 / 1 708 -to 711Square feet Monthly Rent$1,025 -to $1,455 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed V Bed/Bath1 / 1 731 -to 890Square feet Monthly Rent$1,095 -to $1,325 Deposit$350

Floor Plan1 Bed W with Den Bed/Bath1 / 1 938Square feet Monthly Rent$1,395 -to $1,465 Deposit$350

Layout Floor Plan Bed / Bath Sq.Ft Rent Deposit Availability Video
Floor Plan2 Bed G Bed/Bath2 / 2 1012 -to 1016Square feet Monthly Rent$1,475 -to $1,610 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed H Bed/Bath2 / 2 1013 -to 1021Square feet Monthly Rent$1,360 -to $1,590 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed I Bed/Bath2 / 2 1049Square feet Monthly Rent$1,455 -to $1,685 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed J Bed/Bath2 / 2 1055 -to 1057Square feet Monthly Rent$1,465 -to $1,705 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed K Bed/Bath2 / 2 1108Square feet Monthly Rent$1,505 -to $1,695 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed L Bed/Bath2 / 2 1162 -to 1163Square feet Monthly Rent$1,385 -to $1,710 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed M Bed/Bath2 / 2 1244 -to 1247Square feet Monthly Rent$1,510 -to $1,835 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed N Bed/Bath2 / 2 1275Square feet Monthly Rent$2,350 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed O with Den Bed/Bath2 / 2 1370Square feet Monthly Rent$2,060 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed P Bed/Bath2 / 2 967Square feet Monthly Rent$1,185 -to $1,315 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed Q Bed/Bath2 / 2 1095Square feet Monthly Rent$1,445 -to $1,515 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed R Bed/Bath2 / 2 1181Square feet Monthly Rent$1,605 -to $1,675 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed S Bed/Bath2 / 2 1302Square feet Monthly Rent$1,725 -to $1,795 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed T Bed/Bath2 / 2 1360Square feet Monthly Rent$1,705 -to $1,775 Deposit$450

Floor Plan2 Bed U Bed/Bath2 / 2 1392Square feet Monthly Rent$1,740 -to $1,935 Deposit$450


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